Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Writing Weekend

Meeting up with friend C and heading to the beach for a brief writing weekend. Hopefully I will get my short story collection finished up. It's been giving me some problems. There are a few stories that really need tweaking, and while I'm not one to do and re-do stuff, if I do see a problem I can fix, I'd like to go ahead and fix it and get it rolling. I've had some productive editing with it this week.
--I have just discovered that I have to edit hard copy. It's hard for me to do it on the computer.
--My snarky muse has backed off of me a bit. We'll see how long it lasts.

My writing dangerously goal? Go visit a bar I drove by last time I was at the beach...I have a feeling some thing from a future novel takes place there...we'll see....


billie said...

Your writing weekend and progress sound fabulous!

I have always had to edit on actual pages. Funny thing, when my first agent and I were going through my first novel together, I would print out my edited pages, mail them to him the old-fashioned way, and he would mark them up and send them back.

We both needed to work on the page, which I think was one of the reasons I loved him so much.

I go through literally reams of paper when editing novels. I do recycle by using the backs of all those pages, but I just can't do it in Word.

Dawn said...

I know---and I've found that when I don't do it on paper, I think my writing suffers....I think it's the change of going from the keyboard to the must flip a switch or something....

billie said...

Someone told me a trick to use if you have to edit w/o printing - change the font of your document. It serves a similar purpose as I think as the printing out does - if there's a change, the eye can more clearly see what needs editing.

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